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What equipment do I require to follow your programmes?

All our programmes are written assuming the user has access to a reasonably well stocked 'functional' training facility complete with barbell and plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, suspension trainer (rings or TRX) and some form of stationary cardio equipment ( rower, air bike, ski-erg etc). However, our App enables substitution for similar exercises where lack of equipment prohibits an exercise, allowing participation regardless of whether you train at your local Globo gym, CrossFit box or home/garage gym.

How many days per week am i required to train?

This will depend on which programme you sign up to. Our flagship Blue-Light Athlete programme requires 5-6 training days per week, dependant on the training cycle.

How long do training sessions take to complete?

Dependant on the programme /session and how strictly rest times are adhered to sessions will typically take between 45 and 75 minutes to complete.

How will I recieve the programme?

Programming is provided through the TeamBuildr training platform, available as through desktop, Android or iOS App.

Are the strength elements of the programmes % based?

Partly. Our baseline testing enables a recommended starting load for key lifts at the start of each block of training.

However, due to the nature of the shift-work our community are involved in it is important our users are able to auto-regulate based on daily fluctuations in performance.

As such, we utilise a hybrid method, incorporating Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) and Reps In Reserve (RIR) to allow selecting of suitable resistance for each exercise.

All lifts are captured and recorded in App, with estimated 1RMs calculated in key lifts, allowing for continual progression.

How am I supported through the programme?

You will be supported throughout by our team of Coaches who you will have access to via an in-App messaging group. The wider Blue-Light Athlete community will also be on hand to encourage, support and share experiences with you.