Vanguard Conditioning was developed to address the unmet needs of the UK first responder community.

Like professional athletes, first responders are required to perform physically to conduct their work. They are relied upon to protect, assist, and give aid to those most in need. However, unlike a professional athlete, the first responder's workload, diet and rest are not carefully managed to ensure peak performance. There is no off-season, no championship medal. Instead, the first responder must be ready to perform physically at any time, in dynamic, unpredictable, and often hazardous environments.

First responders are required to balance shift work and family commitments whilst conducting their own physical training, often with little guidance on how best to train for health or performance.

Vanguard Conditioning was formed in 2022 by a team of strength and conditioning experts, with the aim of utilising prevailing sports science to maximise the health and physical performance of UK first responders, whom we deem 'Blue-Light Athletes'.

Our team have a wide breadth of strength and conditioning experience with relevant academic qualifications up to MSc level. All are currently serving first responders and military veterans.