Our programming is delivered via the TeamBuildr platform which allows our subscribers to access training anywhere, from any device. The world-class software allows for tracking of progress, integrated demonstration videos and community features such as a news feed, leader-board and messaging tools. Before getting started with your programme please read our participation disclaimer, found here, and the guide below to ensure you are up to speed on how to run our programmes.


  • Every session will begin with a targeted Warm-Up to raise the core body temperature and activate and mobilise the muscles and joints that will be used.

  • The main lifts of each session are designated a letter and laid out in the order in which they are to be completed. So (A) followed by (B) etc.
  • Two or more exercises with the same letter designation are to be conducted as a Superset, whereby you will alternate between each exercise. So in the example below for Superset (B) you would complete 8-10 reps of 'BB Standing Good Morning', rest the prescribed time, then move onto 8-10 reps of 'BB Back Rack Box Step-Up', again resting the prescribed time before repeating the process twice more to hit three sets of each exercise, before moving onto the next exercise.

  • There are various important pieces of information that accompany each exercise, which will control how they are to be performed, and at what volume. The Day View, shown above, shows all exercises for that day's session along with the Sets and Reps to be performed. For this example Exercise (A) 'Hex Bar Deadlift' show; 5 x 10, 10, 8, 8, 8 - where:

5 x 10, 10, 8, 8, 8 = # of Sets

5 x 10, 10, 8, 8, 8 = Amount of Reps per set

  • By pressing the 'Play' button in the Day View you will be taken to the Exercise View, starting with the Warm-Up. In the Exercise View a greater depth of information is available for each exercise.

  • Central to the Exercise View are the boxes to enter the weight used and reps completed per set, which will be empty for the weight used, and a grey number for the prescribed reps. Once you have completed a set enter the weight used and reps successfully completed, which will then show in white.

  • Above there is a space for additional exercise information provided by the Coaches, and a demonstration video on how to perform the exercise. You are also able to bring up a history of the exercise, showing all previous weights and reps completed. This ensures you can make incremental improvements by using greater weights or reps.

  • There is also the option to 'Opt Out' of an exercise. This feature allows you to skip or replace an exercise, should you not have access to a particular piece of equipment, or to train around an injury.

  • Another important piece of information to ensure you get the most from each exercise is the prescribed tempo. This will take the from of a four digit number, in the example above it is 1010. Here each number represents the time for each section of a lift, with the first number always representing the eccentric, or lowering section of the lift and the second number representing the pause time at the bottom. The third number is the concentric, or lifting section, and the final number the pause time at the top of the lift. Where the concentric number is replaced with an 'X', the movement should be completed in an explosive manner, moving the weight as fast as possible with correct form.

So in the example above;

1010 = 1 second lower

1010 = no pause at the bottom

1010 = 1 second lift

1010 = no pause at the top

If this exercise was being performed with an explosive intent it would read:



  • Throughout the programme you will come across many acronyms to help describe an exercise or how it is to be completed. As our coaches have a background in CrossFit a lot of the terminology used iS the same. These include:

AFAP: As Fast as Possible

ALAP: As Long As Possible

AMRAP(*): As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible in * minutes i.e AMRAP5 = 5 minutes

APRE: Autoregulatory Progressive Resistance Exercise

BB: Barbell

BW: Bodyweight

Chipper: A workout with multiple movements that must be completed in order

DB: Dumbbell

EMOM: Every Minute On the Minute

E2MO2M: Every Two Minutes On Two Minutes

KB: Kettlebell

LM: Landmine

MB: Medicine Ball

(M)HR: (Maximum) Heart Rate

RFT: Rounds For Time

RIR: Reps In Reserve

ROM: Range Of Motion

RPE: Rate of Perceived Exertion

SK: Suspended Kettlebell

SS: Steady State

T2B: Toes To Bar

Tabata: 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest

In addition exercises are sometimes abbreviated within Circuit names, such as PP=Push Press, HPC=Hang Power Clean, KBS=Kettlebell Swings etc but will be fully named in the circuit description.